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Life Care Center of Casper, Wyoming, hosted its first blood drive in association with United Blood Services on July 8, 2015.


Associates were pleased to be given a chance to participate in the blood drive, whether by being a donor themselves or by bringing in snacks for those who were donating.


In addition to donating blood, donors had the chance to participate in a drawing for a $25 gift card. All eligible donors were also registered for a chance to win a vacation getaway to Hawaii.


There were a total of 21 participants in the blood drive, 11 which were successful donors. More impressively, however, was that nine of the 11 donors were first timers.


United Blood Services even sent a thank-you note expressing its sincerest thanks for the successful blood drive and its appreciation for the first-time donors.


“The support and turnout was beyond what we had hoped for,” said Kathy Ham, staff development coordinator at Life Care Center of Casper.