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Tom Bechtel experienced a marked recovery at Life Care Center of Casper, Wyoming, this summer.


“What brought me to Life Care was a complex situation,” Bechtel, who has lived with multiple sclerosis for more than 20 years, explained. “I contracted pneumonia, and while recovering, I suffered multiple additional complications. While I always live with mobility challenges, when I arrived here, I was at an all-time low.”


Bechtel came to Life Care Center of Casper on June 29, 2016. He needed extensive assistance with bed mobility and balancing when sitting, and he could not transfer from one surface to another without total assistance. He was unable to take care of basic things like grooming, bathing and getting dressed.


Physical and occupational therapists worked with Bechtel six days a week to help him regain as much independence as possible.


“I have endured a lot of ups and downs [with my MS],” said Bechtel. “Through all of that, I have met dozens of therapists. While the Life Care rehabilitation program provided a good foundation for my recovery, one person in particular stands out. I would like to recognize Paula Lamb, physical therapist assistant. She studied my specific situation and developed a unique program that would help me achieve my goals. Paula’s attention and personal dedication far surpassed my expectations.”


“I respected his insight and tried to understand what worked for him previously,” said Lamb. “I set things up according to his goals and worked on what he wanted to do to complete functional tasks that were important to him.”


Bechtel returned home to his wife on Aug. 1. He was much more mobile and able to take care of his needs with minimal assistance, just as he was prior to his pneumonia.